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Partly because of its small size, Costa Rica is one of the most naturally dramatic countries in the world. Far larger countries like the United States boast a wide range of ecological and climatic characters, as with the contrast between the deserts of the American Southwest and the pine forests that are typical of the northeast. Costa Rica does much the same, but does so over an especially tiny range ecotourism costa rica, evolving quickly from soft sand Caribbean beaches to the 12,000-plus foot peak of Cerro Chirripo nearby.

That natural drama makes Costa Rica an impressive place to visit for travelers who love breathtaking views and other forms of earthly beauty. Add to that the fact that there is so much biological diversity to be found in the small country, and it would be hard to come up with a place denser with sightseeing opportunities.

Fortunately, it is simple to take advantage of what Costa Rica has to offer. Tourism has long been an important contributor to the country's strong, consistent economy, and travelers today can count on world-class amenities and services wherever they turn.

Many choose to work with companies like that based online when they design and book their costa rica tours. With so many things to see in Costa Rica, taking advantage of the in-depth knowledge of those who have spent many years in the country, like the employees of Yarok Costa Rica, is always helpful. As can be seen at , even going beyond the best-known attractions, there lie dozens of other places and things to see that would get top billing just about anywhere else.

That is not to say that travelers need to arrange for hectic, activity-packed schedules if they are to enjoy themselves. Costa Rica is just as accommodating of those who are looking to relax, making it easy to simply lie in the sun on a spectacular beach if that is what wanted most.

Most people, though, will want to take at least some advantage of the country's many national parks and other wild spots. Fortunately, this is easy to do, whether with a guided, motorized tour or a more robust day hike that puts travelers into close, personal contact with nature. Whether a trip centers around a demanding, energy-sapping climb of Cerro Chirripo or includes mostly time spent relaxing on the country's famed beaches, though, just about anyone will find a visit to Costa Rica extremely memorable and worthwhile.